Sunday, 19 June 2011

The OLD Drive Train - What Next?

Hi..i'm quite busy last month due to so many unplanned activities. Thanks God..finally i managed to get time to update this blog again. Hmm..after my B16A conversion project successfully completed, then come another problem ... what need to be done on my old D15B Drive Train. The workshop where i sent my car only want to buy the engine at very cheap price..around RM600. It seem like very difficult to sell this engine - it's an auto, not manual transmission like many of Honda Fans want to find. Finally, i have decided to sell it online. This is my first attemp - i never made any online business before. I had advertised my D15B in and - hoping a luck to further reduce my conversion cost.

Original EG8 D15B Auto Transmission Engine

Aircond Condenser

D15B Auto Transmission - ECU

EG8 Auto Transmission - Meter Cluster

EG8 Auto Double Layer Radiator

Finally, after 2 weeks it had been advertised online, i have managed to sell it to a buyer from Muar, Johor. I have managed to sold it at RM1650 - all the items as shown above plus the complete wiring set and Simota Air Intake. So, after deducting this figure, the total cost for my EG9 halfcut have been further reduced to RM4550 - quite cheap for a manual LSD B16A - mine was manufactured in 1993. Thanks God for helping me to resolve this problem.

Friday, 29 April 2011

The Drive Train Convertion: B16A Installation

The installation of my EG9 92 Spec Halfcut was carried out in workshop nearby. Having Auto to Manual transmission conversion, the critical part off course on the gearbox mounting. Many of my friends were failed the Puspakom Test due to the workmanship at this area & need to be re-do few times before get passed.

I'm quite lucky, the workshop where i sent my car having vast experience in installing VTEC, MIVEC & Turbo engine and they know exactly what need to be done on the mounting. Here i share some of the installation pictures that i still have in my hard disk ...

My D15B Removal Process:

The removal process was successfully done in one & half day complete with the installation of new gearbox mounting which taken from the 92 spec halfcut. The cross-member still maintain the original EG8.

The B16A Installation Process:

Finally, the installation done. i'm try to find the pictures right after the installation but i think were gone with my damaged laptop last few weeks. Stock standard EG9 92 Spec with Manual LSD Transmission.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

D15B To B16A Conversion: FINALLY ...

After having months of thinking either to proceed with the conversion project or buying the original EG6, finally in April 2009 i have decided to just proceed with the conversion is hard to find a good, low mile age EG9 Manual Halfcut with LSD Gearbox that time. I don't want to put in an EG6 halfcut cause the wiring need to be re-wired and adjusted due to the nature of 2 doors into 4 the meter cluster was little bit different. EG9 Meter Cluster got 4 doors indication, while for EG6, no door indication - those minor thing also been put into my decided to put in an original EG9 halfcut..just plug and play and no hassle.

After few months searching around at halfcut in Kuantan, Kuala Lumpur and Muar as well as online shop..finally i had found what i'm searching for original EG9 92 Spec halfcut with original LSD Manual Gearbox in I'm lucky it was in my, it's become easy for me.

It was originally tagged with RM7500 complete with the front bodypart. But after some negotiation, i have decided not to take the suspesion, the cross member and the front bodypart..and the final price is RM6200..lower than my budget of i just proceed with the buying..looking at the condition which was still good and the mileage just clogged around 109K..which is very low for a 17 years old car..

Here i share the pictures of my halfcut complete with the original advertisement in 2009 which i still keep till now..just for sharing..

Monday, 25 April 2011

The Inspiring B Series

Pictures tell a thousand words ... :)

The Original EG8 Drive Train

Here i'm shared some of the pictures of my original EG8 Drive Train. It was a humble D15B 1.5 litre single cam VTEC engine with auto tranmission system. On paper, Honda claimed this engine can deliver up to maximum of 90 kw (around 117 HP) but i'm not sure what is the actual performance. Never test it on a dyno bench. Well, I'm ok with long as it got VTEC .. fuel consumption quite ok, but not powerful like the legendary B Series engine...

17 years old drive train - still can deliver without any major problem

Hmmm...during that time i was really in dilemma..this engine was good..not giving me any big was hard to decide either to get my dream original EG6 / bullet or proceed with the conversion tooks me months to decide..

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Interior: EG9 92 Spec Conversion

Another major milestone of this EG8 - EG9 conversion project was done somewhere in mid of 2008 where i had decided to replace my standard EG8 seat & grey interior to EG9 92 spec interior complete with the long armrest. I found this seat in & it was tagged with RM1400. It was complete interior and the condition was still excellant. The original owner want to upgrade to 94 spec interior, so i take this chance to replace mine. Some of the pictures as per below:

EG9 92 Spec Black Doortrim Set
EG9 Black Door Accessories

                                                                         Front Seat

Rear Seat
The Long Armrest - Taken from 92 Spec EG6: Grey. Modified to black With leather wrapped on top


     The Dashboard - Still in EG8 Dark Grey

The installation was carried out by the owner in Klang. I'm really satisfied with the purchase as the condition is really excellant..."Senyum Sampai Telinga" :) some of the pics of my new interior after the installation.

The door step, dashboard set and the seat belt still in original EG8 dark grey colour. Those thing are in my list for next change. The dashboard maybe i will get it together with halfcut..still 50-50 in doing the major conversion on the drive train. Hmm..just stay tune with me and see what next...

The EG9 Rear Wiper Wind Screen was quite sometime i'm not be able to update this blog. Last 2 weeks, my laptop was damaged due to flood and most of the important data + EG pictures were lost. I'm lucky i have done backup file for those pictures and managed to get it back. That's the precious thing for me in order to complete the full storey of this conversion project. Emm..ok..lets continue my EG8 to EG9 conversion journey. After getting my front bumper installed & painted, i start to hunt for the EG9 rear wiper windscreen set. It was quite hard for me to find one during that time. Unlike today, you can find it at "" or "" - i need to round all the halfcut shop at Muar & Klang and finally i found it in Muar. It was tagged with RM600 - without the speaker board and rear wiper switch set but the rest were complete. Well, since it was very hard to find this thing, i just proceed to buy it.

Installing it was another problem for me. I need to find the rear windscreen rubber set on my own cause the workshop where i sent my car don't want to find it for me. The brand new rubber cost me another RM150, and the installation fee was another RM100. So the total cost was Around RM850 complete with installation - but i'm not really satisfied cause the wiper was not functioning. The workshop "tauke" claimed that my wiper motor already damaged eventhough i argue that i already tested it at halfcut shop where everything was fine.

Not satisfied with the service, i sent my car to one of workshop in Kemaman, Terengganu. After the wireman fully inspect my car, he found that the wire/socket was not connected. Hmmm...what to say..after rear wiper functioning excellantly. Thanks God :)

My car after the installation of very hard to find EG9 Rear Wiper Windscreen Set. Well..if you really an EG9 enthusiast, based on the pictures above, you can easily spot what are the things that i need to replace in order to get complete EG9 exterior look. This installation was done somewhere in end of 2006. 

Saturday, 22 January 2011

First Mode: EG8/EG9 JDM Front Bumper

Hi..managed to get some free time today and basically i'll try my best to update this page. Ok..where to start..emm..oh ya..after i changed the sportrim from 16" to 15" white sportrim(Ayam Brand), i start to put my effort to find the complete EG9 front bumper.

Realizing that my front bumper is just a basic for ferio (without lip & foglamp) - the front look was seem incomplete - "Nampak Senteng". I'm just wondering those day, it was very hard to find the complete front bumper for EG9 - (somewhere in 2007). Most of the bumper available at halfcut shop in Klang mostly were the EG6 bumper. It tooks me few months before i managed to get a complete front bumper from one of EG8 halfcut at one halfcut shop in Batu Pahat, Johor. I was lucky, a friend of mind was the regular customer for that shop & the "Tauke" bring us to their secret store at a remote area - i can't remember where. It's damn hard to get this bumper - if i just went to their shop alone, i believe they are not going to sell the front bumper to me. I'm lucky, the EG8 halfcut bumper come with original lip and stanley yellow foglamp - complete spec!! It was tagged RM400. After some negotiation, finally i managed to get that bumper at RM350 - consider pricy at that time. Nowaday, you will never find those complete bumper with that price. It has become rare item and the market price now is around RM650 - RM800 !!  And believe me or not, people still buy it. Here i share some pictures of different version of EG9/Ferio Bumper. The highest spec is the one with lip & yellow foglamp - rare !!

The basic front bumper - Without lip & foglamp

EG9 Front Bumper With Original Lip - No Foglamp

EG9 Front Bumper with White Foglamp & Parking Pole - Without Lip

EG9 Front Bumper with Yellow Foglamp - Without Lip

EG9 Complete Front Bumper - White Foglamp

Highest Spec - EG9/EG8 with Original lip & Yellow Foglamp

This is my front bumper after the installation & re-spray to red colour. Original colour was metallic green. The man who spray & install my bumper complained that i bought this bumper at high price...well..what i know the market price was around RM300 - RM400 during those time - so, i think it's ok. The lip i spray with red color as well. During that time i don't mind about the JDM spec. It look better compared to before.

The Final Look - Exterior Complete EG9: Fiercer then before :)

Front look done ... what's next ?