Sunday, 19 June 2011

The OLD Drive Train - What Next?

Hi..i'm quite busy last month due to so many unplanned activities. Thanks God..finally i managed to get time to update this blog again. Hmm..after my B16A conversion project successfully completed, then come another problem ... what need to be done on my old D15B Drive Train. The workshop where i sent my car only want to buy the engine at very cheap price..around RM600. It seem like very difficult to sell this engine - it's an auto, not manual transmission like many of Honda Fans want to find. Finally, i have decided to sell it online. This is my first attemp - i never made any online business before. I had advertised my D15B in and - hoping a luck to further reduce my conversion cost.

Original EG8 D15B Auto Transmission Engine

Aircond Condenser

D15B Auto Transmission - ECU

EG8 Auto Transmission - Meter Cluster

EG8 Auto Double Layer Radiator

Finally, after 2 weeks it had been advertised online, i have managed to sell it to a buyer from Muar, Johor. I have managed to sold it at RM1650 - all the items as shown above plus the complete wiring set and Simota Air Intake. So, after deducting this figure, the total cost for my EG9 halfcut have been further reduced to RM4550 - quite cheap for a manual LSD B16A - mine was manufactured in 1993. Thanks God for helping me to resolve this problem.