Saturday, 22 January 2011

First Mode: EG8/EG9 JDM Front Bumper

Hi..managed to get some free time today and basically i'll try my best to update this page. Ok..where to start..emm..oh ya..after i changed the sportrim from 16" to 15" white sportrim(Ayam Brand), i start to put my effort to find the complete EG9 front bumper.

Realizing that my front bumper is just a basic for ferio (without lip & foglamp) - the front look was seem incomplete - "Nampak Senteng". I'm just wondering those day, it was very hard to find the complete front bumper for EG9 - (somewhere in 2007). Most of the bumper available at halfcut shop in Klang mostly were the EG6 bumper. It tooks me few months before i managed to get a complete front bumper from one of EG8 halfcut at one halfcut shop in Batu Pahat, Johor. I was lucky, a friend of mind was the regular customer for that shop & the "Tauke" bring us to their secret store at a remote area - i can't remember where. It's damn hard to get this bumper - if i just went to their shop alone, i believe they are not going to sell the front bumper to me. I'm lucky, the EG8 halfcut bumper come with original lip and stanley yellow foglamp - complete spec!! It was tagged RM400. After some negotiation, finally i managed to get that bumper at RM350 - consider pricy at that time. Nowaday, you will never find those complete bumper with that price. It has become rare item and the market price now is around RM650 - RM800 !!  And believe me or not, people still buy it. Here i share some pictures of different version of EG9/Ferio Bumper. The highest spec is the one with lip & yellow foglamp - rare !!

The basic front bumper - Without lip & foglamp

EG9 Front Bumper With Original Lip - No Foglamp

EG9 Front Bumper with White Foglamp & Parking Pole - Without Lip

EG9 Front Bumper with Yellow Foglamp - Without Lip

EG9 Complete Front Bumper - White Foglamp

Highest Spec - EG9/EG8 with Original lip & Yellow Foglamp

This is my front bumper after the installation & re-spray to red colour. Original colour was metallic green. The man who spray & install my bumper complained that i bought this bumper at high price...well..what i know the market price was around RM300 - RM400 during those time - so, i think it's ok. The lip i spray with red color as well. During that time i don't mind about the JDM spec. It look better compared to before.

The Final Look - Exterior Complete EG9: Fiercer then before :)

Front look done ... what's next ?

Thursday, 20 January 2011

2 Doors or 4 Doors ?

Yet after completing my degree in 2005...with some amount of saving..i'm started to hunt my EG. But, during that time, i'm really in dilemma..either to get a 2 doors EG or 4 doors.. finally i'm did my first buy an Orange EG3 converted to EG6 with B16A Manual heart. Quite a smart car but the interior was not complete converted - the owner using Integra seat, but during that time i don't even know about the 92 & 94 spec. The only thing i know, it is an EG. I submit my loan application & within a week, the loan was approved...28K with d/payment of 10K. At these moment, i start to re-thinking on the purpose of buying my first car & considering of getting married. i'm really in dilemma between my interest of getting a 2 doors EG and the daily practicality usage when getting married. Finally, i'm cancel the loan & start to hunt a 4 doors EG or famously known as EG9 (JDM Spec).

During those time, it was very difficult for me to find an original EG9 - even the well converted unit also got the tag price of 40K ++. If i'm not mistake, during those years, an original of 15 years old EG9 can easily cost me around 50K ++ up to 60K depending on the condition of the car...Loan??? it's quite difficult to get loan for car that already more than 10 years & if you managed to get one, the interest was quite high, around 6% - 8% and short tenure of repayment period...since i'm just start working and lot of thing that i need to reconsider, i tried to hunt the same model with reasonable price. 

And...finally i found 1 unit of red EG8 1992/96 in Muar from a direct owner (Malay). During that time, for me, it was a smart car equipped with original sunroof - off main criteria of selecting this car. During that time, it was very hard to find an EG 4 doors equipped with sunroof while the original EG9 can be considered as the "rare" species in Malaysia. The owner was the "Tauke" for that 2nd hand car dealer/shop & he adjusting my loan & finally i managed to get 6 years tenure with considered low interest (4.7%) for a 14 years old car - this is some of the spec:

 My first car Spec - EG8 1992/96 (Recond Japan)
  • Original D15B Drivetrain (1.5 litre - Single Cam VTEC) Auto
  • Standard Dark Grey EG8 Interior
  • 16" BSA Chrome Sport rim
  • Original EG9/EG8 Sunroof (This is why i'm selecting this car)
  • Standard EG8 bumper (without foglamp & lip)
The picture above were not the first pics of my car. I already change the sportrim & front bumper - i'll tell you the story later. Since during that time i don't even know the difference between the EG9 92 spec, 94 spec & Ferio standard interior, i just proceed with my buying as long as the car got VTEC, smart & tagged with reasonable price - eventhough i'm quite disappointed coz unable to drive a DOHV VTEC.... hmm.. and that's where my EG8 - EG9 conversion story begun... maybe in my next post.. :)

Fall in Love: Civic EG 2 Doors

Fuuhh... it tooks me around 2 hours just to get the right set up for the looks of my blog..i want something simple but seem like.."perghh" .. i don't know how to describe. The structured idea just now have been run away coz i'm too focusing on the pre-looks of this blog.

Anyway, let get started. The story begun somewhere in 2001, during my varsity age. Off course during that time i'm not using a car, but just a Yamaha TZM - a good start for a student i think. That's where my hobby on modifying started.  Oohh yaa, forgot to mentioned, before that i'm just using Yamaha RSX (Yamaha Jipang) which i borrowed from my uncle in order for me to help him running his business and get some cash to buy & maintain the TZM. Sad to say, i can't remember where i put the pictures of my TZM. Well, i'm started with my part time work since i'm 15. So, with some money that i gained from the part time job, i'm start to modify the TZM from a stock standard to a well develop unit. I'm not "Mat Rempit" & never get involved in any illegal race. The modification more towards the looks..not the performance coz it will definitely drain out my $$$. The final testimoni of my effort come from the mouth of one beatiful young lady " & cantiknya motor nie !!" ...spontaneus from her mouth when she passed by...he..he..well..i'm still remember those beatiful words till now.. no need for me to describe further right.

Well..i'm start falling in love with EG 2 doors since my 13th. During those day, i know nothing about this car. I heard people said about Honda Dolphin, Honda Mayat..Ferio..Jerung..the term that i can't appreciate at all. At the same time, i'm start collecting pictures of EG 2 doors when i'm in my 2nd year of varsity. Here are some of  the first initial pictures of car that i still kept till now, that's where it's all begun.

This is USDM conversion i think, with custom made front bumper and hood.

And these are few more pictures that i'm still keep till now. It was not the modifying concept that i want actually, but i still kept those picture just to remind me, this is where it's all started.


Where It's All Started

Hello & Salam Sejahtera to all. It has been quite some time this idea playing around in my mind. Yes, to create a blog on my passion & interest in modifying car, of course with JDM (Japan Domestic Market) rule as the guidance. JDM Playground will basically share what have been went through from nothing until the completion of the conversion based on selected JDM Concept. For a start, the sharing is more towards Honda related thing & basically i have choose Honda Civic EG Ferio (5th Generation) as the first conversion project. Well, i know it's almost 20 years old car and even one of my friend always say like this to me, "Hello... it's only "Kereta Murahan !".. Damn !! i don't care what other people said, i know what i'm doing and i know the potential of this EG compared to his so call a brand new continental car. .. it is JDM spirit running in my veins dude !

I'm maybe not expert as Sam ( where he can share lot of D.I.Y stuff on EG, but i believe, my sharing on the passion of doing EG conversion will benefit all the EG lover, at least as a brief guidance on the JDM EG9 & EG6 spec. Just enjoy your reading and of course.. no harm.

The time has come, for me actually to be more organized & documenting my hard work on my interest which i believed will benefited others enthusiast in this world. It has been almost 5 years i'm owned this car and along that way, there were so many thing that i have done to it which off course involving some amount of cash... yeah..the critical part of the conversion journey...without was just a dream.

Our first post will coming soon,just stay tune with us & enjoy your reading.