Monday, 31 December 2012

EK9 Top Fuel Carbon Air Funnel

I drove my car in stock standard B16A engine for more than a year without any modification on it. It served me very well without any problem. During those day, i'm more towards the engine reliability & not for performance since i used that car for my daily drive - basically i'm satisfied with what a standard B16A can offer. But it was not for long when i start to know & learned about the after market performance parts from the rising sun country. Slowly i start to put in the plug and play performance part in my car. It started with the EK9 Top Fuel Carbon Fiber Air Funnel - i still keep the pictures till now.. :)

It was quite expensive for me during those day and very hard to get - i bought it in July 2010. It's okay for me as long as i'm satisfied with the outcome. Post installation pictures:

Sunday, 30 December 2012

I'm Back...

Hi has been more than a year i'm not updating this blog. So many things happen in my life since Jun 2011 and this blog has become the lowest priority in my "To Do List". That doesn't mean i'm totally leaving this blog - but in fact gathering all the latest photo and story to be shared to all Honda EG9 enthusiast out there. In other words, i would say that another one and a half year gaining new experience and meeting new friends who has the same interest in Honda Civic. Knowing each other and learning new thing from the Honda "Guru" - lot of story to tell. Just stay tuned with us. :)  

Blessed with good free time today, i decided to play around with my old external hard disk - lucky... i found some pictures that i thought were loss. I plan to share those pictures later, but for a start and to continue on what have been left for the past one year, here some pictures of my engine bay (after the B16A engine conversion) - my personnel feeling, it was one of the cleanest engine bay (in stock form)..ha...ha.. :) During those days in 2009, the wire tucks / USDM trend still not popular in Malaysia - only lately in 2012 it suddenly become very famous.

While sending my car for tappet re-adjustment and light fuel/ratio tuning at one of the Chinese workshop nearby, i took the opportunity to clean up the standard head cover - just using "Sunlight" detergent and the result was "Woww !!! " - if compared to the original condition. Those days, Texture VTEC head re-painting quite costly and i need to send the valve cover to Kuala Lumpur. But today, since many of VTEC workshop can do, the cost was significantly drop and that the best alternative to make up your engine bay. Here some pictures after the installation - Clean ??

I just replace the OEM plug cable to Blue NGK R08 to make the engine bay look nicer - if not mistake, i bought it for RM140/set. Quite reasonable price and i'm satisfied with the outcome :)

Some pictures on the engine endorsement process at PUSPAKOM. Off-course after all the brake have been serviced and the engine bay cleaned like new from factory .. ha..ha.. :)  -- For record, it was done on 07-07-2009.

Special thanks to my cousin (Mazuan) who had assist me on the process for the one whole day. I'm lucky, the brake test was successfully passed with only one attempt and the inspector was satisfied with the workmanship done on the gearbox mounting which was replaced from the auto transmission to manual transmission. Many of my friend failed on this area and they were asked to re-do it until the inspector satisfied. For my car, the rest were okay except for the tinted - they scratch the tinted in front of us...huh..we just smile :( ...looking at the bright side, at least it was approved in just one attempt.