Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Vision Technica Lip - Post Installation

As promised in my previous post, in this post, I will share some pictures that I managed to get from Google for the sake of reference. This may provide the idea to the enthusiast out there on how it looks like. Enjoy the pictures - here they are:

I believed, this SR4 owner has made the right decision on modifying his car. It look simple but yet very smart and elegant. You can easily spot the significant different if compared to the EG9 Mugen Lip. There is slimmer curve at the middle of the lip, while for the mugen, it just a straight line without any slimmer curve.
Now, let we see the one with the complete build up - it just simply elegant. But as I mentioned before, in Malaysia, it was very hard to find this Vision Technica Lip. Only for those who really search and look for it, will know and appreciate this kind of rare lip in the market.
For those who familiar with USDM Honda Scene, I believe you know the big name like Franklin Perez who had re-built this SR4 according to his own idea. Well, he had choose this Vision Technica Lip for his modified SR4 - here they are:

For those out there who managed to find this original Vision Technica Lip, you just like hitting a "Jack Pot". Well - you know what I mean :)
Even though I managed to find it once, but my ideology was more towards Mugen Concept. At the time of writing, All my rides was re-built and been re-imaged according to Mugen Concept. All that's, will be shared in my future post - with the hope that the sharing will be beneficial to others enthusiast out there. For the time being, my post will be more towards SR4 / EG9 - until the completion of the make over. Stay tuned and enjoy reading :) 

Monday, 13 March 2017

EG9 Mugen Lip vs EG9 Vision Technica Lip

When it comes to EG9 or Civic SR4, Mugen and Vision Technica were back then the well known Honda after market tuner and body kit producer. To most of the public out there, Mugen is more popular compared to the Vision Technica, and in some cases here, most of them were not aware on the existence of Vision Technica as one of the entity in Japan that support and coloured up the after market scene in this world. Unlike Mugen, Modulo or Spoon, those entity are well established and well known, as most of the new Honda Model, will introduce the Mugen or Modulo as the option for their customer to choose. It's all about the marketing strategy.

I believed, this sharing is worth for the EG9 & SR4 enthusiast out there as their additional knowledge in doing the decision making on the modification concept to be opted. Both world have their own uniqued identity and well matched with the EG9.

Lets we take a look on the EG9 Vision Technica Lip first. In a glance, it looks like an EG9 Mugen Lip, but if you look carefully, there is difference in term of the curve at the middle of the lip. Well, as the name goes, EG9 Vision Technica Lip was quite rare and very hard to find if compared to EG9 Mugen Lip. To be honest, i only managed to found it once during my active period as a Honda Part Time Halfcut Runner.      

This is the original EG9 / SR4 Vision Technica Lip. In a glance, it looks like a Mugen Lip but if you look carefully, there is penetrated wall at the the both end. Further, the curve at the middle is slightly different.

Now we take a look at the original Mugen EG9 Lip - see the difference:

This is another comparison between Vision Technica Lip and Original SR4 / EG9 OEM Lip:

It is up to you on what concept that you want to choose. Here, the comparison is limited to Mugen, Vision Technica and the Original OEM Lip due to the limitation of my knowledge. Out there, there were lot more entity that produced the body kit for EG9 / SR4 like Bomex, Js Racing and etc. 

After all, as long as you satisfied and happy on your modification concept, it's done. We are human and when it come to the modification concept, it is very subjective, there is no right or wrong. 

In the next post, i will share the SR4 / EG9 with Vision Technica Lip installed. For the benefit of knowledge to those who visit and read my blog.